Welcome to poems for friends. Some of you already know that I have begun writing poetry.  Your positive response to my efforts has been so encouraging.

Through this blog, I am hoping to expand my readership and share poems that others of you may write.

Poetry has been important to me since childhood, when my mother read poems to my sister and me.  Two of her favorites were Byron’s “The Isles of Greece” and Grey’s “Elegy in a Country Churchyard.” While these are not my favorite poems, they are my favorite memories of my mother.

Poetry is also a passion I share with my life partner (now spouse) Cathy Stewart.  Over the years, we have used holidays, birthdays etc. to write each other poems.  This past Valentine’s day I wrote a poem for Cathy that is posted under “selections.”

I like short poems (Emily Dickenson) more than long ones.  I also love the Iliad and the Aeneid, but work like theirs is beyond my reach as a poet.  Other favorite poets are the Polish writer, Adam Zagajewski, the Americans Mary Oliver and Hart Crane and, of course, the English poet W. H. Auden.

Please join my blog. Your contributions, comments etc. are welcome.

Take a look at the poems under “selections.”  Feedback is welcome.

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